The North American Independent Rock Music Association
  is specifically devoted to the growth and development of independent musical artists in the genre of rock and its sub-genres. The association is comprised of accredited industry professionals including Performers, Producers, Directors, Engineers, Agents, Managers, Venue Owners, and Promoters, as well as various other Artisans, Technicians, and Executives. In maintaining the integrity of the association and its membership, all new applicants must be sponsored by an existing member.

The Association’s primary objective is to support The Foundation for a Sound Solution, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation designed to provide grant funding to independent artists who desire continued music education or require assistance funding projects which would provide them with future opportunity. Additionally, the Foundation works with industry professionals to compile comprehensive lists of the most up to date practices, techniques, and technologies which are offered during free educational music business seminars held in conjunction with our annual nationwide showcase tour designed to feature rock, hard rock, metal, and punk artists with no label or agency representation.

In addition to receiving federal grant funding, corporate contributions, and individual donations, each year the Association and our business partners join together to produce our annual fundraising event.

The North American Independent Rock Music Awards  have been designed to recognize creative and technical excellence within the independent music community, and the Awards Presentation Ceremony has been designed to bring attention to these artists in a high profile, elegant and fashionable manner… an event that not only exemplifies the passion and professionalism of our Association, but one that attracts the attention of those interested in contributing to our cause and further preserving the artistry and cultural significance of independent rock music.

This is the mission of our Association
We invite you to join us.

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