We believe that a solid industry begins with a solid foundation, and that education is the cornerstone leading to opportunity. The 'Passing Notes' Program utilizes the Foundations relationships with musical instrument manufacturers to provide instrument donations to those in need, and to ensure that students have ample opportunity to not only discover music, but to achieve industry success as well.



We believe that vast knowledge & sound relationships are the key ingredients to any successful business and that with these come opportunity. Unfortunately, neither K-12 nor college or university education adequately provide the proper tools or guidance for establishing a career in the musical arts.

'Music as a Business' seminars are offered nationwide and are provided free of charge to individuals interested in gaining knowledge and a deeper appreciation of the inner workings of the entertainment industry. These seminars further develop independent artists in the areas of musicianship, showmanship, and workmanship through the dissemination of facts, charts, graphs, and statistics provided by the industry's leading agencies. These 60 minute seminars focus on the areas of skill development, product development, marketing techniques and may include a complete business analysis for musicians currently engaged in business operations.

By offering these seminars, The Foundation for a Sound Solution is educating the public on subjects both useful and beneficial to individuals as well as advocating a healthy and prosperous future for aspiring musical artists.



The Foundation for a Sound Solution seeks out opportunities for community outreach through our 'Ambassador Program' which involves sending independent artists into the community to fulfill our mission of raising awareness and funding for continued support. 

The Foundation utilizes charitable artist appearances and performances to highlight our existence and mission to diverse audiences from all across the nation. 

An example of this program is the Project Independent - Road to the Red Carpet Showcase, a national showcase tour designed to gather like-minded musicians seeking to advance their careers in a unique way which receives elaborate media and public attention. To learn more about Project Independent, their events, and their mission please visit

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